Learning English with Mr.Duncan

This is the second project from Mr. Duncan called “ask MISTERDUNCAN”, where Mr. Duncan answers questions of English language learners. “Are you in trouble with English grammar? Do you have questions about stylistics? Do you want to avoid mistakes at spoken language? Then “Ask MISTERDUNCAN”.

Mr Duncan is an English teacher born in Stafford (United Kingdom), who after working for 4 years in China as a teacher of English conversation, returned to the UK and decided to create free videos (uploaded to YouTube) to teach English to anyone interested in learning English online.

Lesson 1-(Introduction)
Lesson 2-(Hello/Goodbye)
Lesson 3-(Please & Thank You)
Lesson 4-(Response to Please/Thank You)
Lesson 5-(Giving News)
Lesson 6-(Office Words)
Lesson 7-(Health and Exercise)
Lesson 8-(Friends)
Lesson 9-(FAME)
Lesson 10-(Saying Sorry)
Lesson 11-(Irony and Coincidence)
Lesson 12-(All About You)
Lesson 13-(Grammar)
Lesson 14-(Body Language)
Lesson 15-(Slang)
Lesson 16-(Technology)
Lesson 17-(Time)
Lesson 18-(Small Talk)
Lesson 19-(Rules!!)
Lesson 20-(More Slang)
Lesson 21-(Compliments)
Lesson 22-(The Way You Feel)
Lesson 23-(Faults/Bad Habits)
Lesson 24-(Changing English)
Lesson 25-(Speech Making)
Lesson 26-(On and Off)
Lesson 27-(Noun/Verbs)
Lesson 28-(Intonation)
Lesson 29-(Jokes andHumour)
Lesson 30-(Abbreviation)
Lesson 31-(Lies)
Lesson 32-(Fear)
Lesson 33-(Questions and Answers)
Lesson 34-(Political Correctness)
Lesson 35-(Making Mistakes)
Lesson 36-(Phonetics)
Lesson 37-(Fashion)
Lesson 38-(News)
Lesson 39-(Money)
Lesson 40-(Complaint and Complain)
Lesson 41-(Influence)
Lesson 42-(Action!)
Lesson 43-(Superstition)
Lesson 44-(Word Association)
Lesson 45-(Describing Things)
Lesson 46-(The Human Body)
Lesson 47-(Punctuation)
Lesson 48-(Death)
Lesson 49-(Food)
Learning English-(Summer Sickness)
Lesson 50-(Samuel Johnson)

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00 Misterduncan Promo hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
01 (Introduction) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.mpg
02 (Hello-Goodbye) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
03 (Please & Thank You) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
04 (Response to ‘Please’-'Thank You’) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
05 ( Giving News ) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.wmv
06 ( Office Words ) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
07 ( Health & Exercise ) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.wmv
08 ( Friends ) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.wmv
09 ( F A M E ) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
10 ( Saying Sorry ) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
11 (Irony and Coincidence) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
12 (All about you!) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
13 ( Grammar! ) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.wmv
14 (Body Language) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
15 (SLANG) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
16 ( Technology ) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
17 ( Time ) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
18 (Small Talk) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
19 ( RULES !! ) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
20 (More Slang) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
21 (Compliments) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
23 (Faults and Bad Habits) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
24 (Changing English) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
25 (Making a Speech) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
26 (On and Off) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
27 (Noun–Verbs) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
28 (Intonation) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
29 (Humour) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
30 (Abbreviation) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
31 ( Lies !! ) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
32 ( Fear ! ) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
33 (Questions & Answers) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
34 (Political Correctness) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
35 ( Making Mistakes ) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
36 ( Phonetics ) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
37 ( Fashion ) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
38 ( News ) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
39 (Money) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
40 (Complaint & Complain) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
41 ( Influence ) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
42 ( Action ! ) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
43 (Superstition) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
44 (Word Association) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
45 (Describing Things) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
46 (The Human Body) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
47 (Punctuation) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
48 (Death) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
Baby Starlings (Fledglings) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
Learning English – (Feeding the birds) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
Learning English-Summer Sickness hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
Learning English-Summer Sickness hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
Long-tailed tits (In My Garden) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
MISTERDUNCAN – ( Lesson Outtakes ) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
Misterduncan – Autumn English Countryside hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
Misterduncan’s Birthday Message hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
Misterduncan’s December Message (2008) hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
Misterduncan’s July message and special hello ! hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
Misterduncan’s Korean Visitors hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
Misterduncan’s May 2009 Message. hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
Misterduncan’s October Message hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
Misterduncan’s October Snow hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
Misterduncan’s Winter Countryside Walk hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
MOUSE IN THE HOLE hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
Red Crowned Parakeet – A LONG WAY FROM HOME ! hocanhvanmienphi.blogspot.com.flv
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50 Learning English with Mr.Duncan  Part1
50 Learning English with Mr.Duncan  Part2
50 Learning English with Mr.Duncan  Part3
50 Learning English with Mr.Duncan  Part4
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